When the Road Darkens

Written by: The Rose West

The debut album by The Rose West is slated for release on January 15th, 2012.  Produced by Chris Bittner and Michael Birnbaum (Coheed and Cambria, 3, Blondie, Weerd Science) at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY.


  1. Crystal Denton

    Amazingly soulful!!! I love it!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!! <3

  2. Peter

    cool. love the accordion on Feria Cinerum. Similar in style to The Used and My Chemical Romance, two of my favorite bands. Nice harmonies. props to Starky for his great guitar playing. Love to hear you guys live. Drop me a line when your next show is.
    ps – getting a studio up and running here in Argyle if you decide to do a sophomore release.

  3. nancy bushoven

    fantastic album,,,,,,,
    Robare is wonderful

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